Darien and Grace Oborn

Monday, August 14, 2006

Twins Enjoying the Summer

This summer has been a blast with the twins. Now that the weather is nice and warm, Darien and Grace have enjoyed many outdoor activities with Debbie and I. We take them for bike rides in their new Chariot, we take them to the park, to the swimming pool, and other fun spots. Grace just started crawling yesterday and Darien began "army" crawling a few weeks ago. They have very funny personalities now - they always try to make people (and each other) laugh by making raspberries with their lips and funny grunts. Grace is starting to grow some serious hair now, and Darien's scalp is completely full of brown curly hair. They are so pleasant to be around (except for bed-time) and they should be walking and saying "no" by the next time I post!


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