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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?

I can't believe nearly four months have passed since my last entry in the Baby Blog! Let me rewind back to where I left off and give you a little travelogue of how we made it to April 2006.

December was a great month! We took the twins to get their pictures take for our 2005 edition of the Oborn Family Christmas Cards which also doubled as birth announcements. They looked so cute!

We did our best to keep the little guys warm and we enjoyed spending Christmas with Debbie's family here in Utah.

January started out with a trip to the emergency room for Darien. He came down with a fever, runny nose, and then he developed this terrible sounding cough. We tried to keep him hydrated but his cough turned into wheezing and soon he had trouble breathing. I suspected RSV, so to the hospital we went at 11:59 PM on Friday night. The ER physicians ran a few tests and sure as can be, our little boy had come down with RSV. They immediately admitted him and hooked him up to oxygen so that his clogged lungs could get enough oxygen into his blood stream. The next 3 days were filled with suctioning of his lungs and trachea, constant oxygen lines to his nose, and little sleep for dad - who stayed by his bedside all but 8 hours of his three day hospital weekend. The good news was that only one of the twins came down with RSV. The only thing worse than a baby with RSV is 2 babies with RSV.

Soon after Darien came home, both him a Grace started sleeping 8 hours at night for the first time. Boy were Debbie and I relieved! Nighttime has now been much more peaceful and mommy and daddy are getting enough sleep to actually function somewhat normally.

In March we blessed the twins in the LDS Church. Many relatives came and we had a great time at our house afterwards for the post-blessing party.

Now, as we head into Spring, the babies will start to actually see what the outdoors look like. It has been really cold in Utah since late October (when they were born). Darien is now tipping the scales at 21 lbs and Grace is still a ways behind at 16 lbs. They recently figured out how to make raspberries with their mouths (blowing out your mouth with your tongue stuck out) and they are begriming to roll over and do other semi-coordinated movements. Here is a recent picture of the two:

More to come soon!


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