Darien and Grace Oborn

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Week 2 - Trying to Figure this Fatherhood Thing Out

Trying to 'figure out' your new children is an interesting and challenging experience for us rookies. However, now that we are through the first two weeks, we seem to have them somewhat figured out; Darien is all about his food - don't mess with this bottle and he'll be a good boy. Grace is more polite - she'll give you a fair amount of warning that her stomach is getting close to empty and that she'd appreciate it if you could get a new bottle for her soon. Grace's problem is that her little stomach can keep her milk down and requires constant burping so she doesn't spit up. Darien is a man about his food and isn't about to let any go to waste - he rarely spits up and is good with just one big burp. Both of them are eating around 3 oz. of Infamil and go through 8 diapers each per day. The real humor in this is that I know it's just going to get worse - more cans of Infamil and more diapers.

On October 30, Debbie's sister Joni came to visit us from New York. She brought with her some really cute 'New York' outfits that we adore. Here are pictures for Darien and Grace a la New York City:


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