Darien and Grace Oborn

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hope for a New Day

Ron and Kent's due date is less than a month away, and we think of them often. How big they'd be, what they'd look like, etc. It's been tough to let them go. One day you'll be fine and then, for no reason, something will trigger a brief bout of sadness. The grieving process has stretched out like a non-uniform blanket full of holes that let in cool blasts of air, just to let you know they're there on the other side.

Soon after we lost Ron and Kent, Debbie and I decided to give the invitro-fertilization procedure another chance. The next viable window for treatment would be early December, 2011. We saved up more money, gave Debbie's body some time to heal up, and on December 12, 2011, we implanted three more 150+ cell embryos. A sense of cautious optimism has dwelled in our home and in our souls the past few days, as we awaited the first sign that Debbie was pregnant again. Yesterday, the day before Christmas Eve, we received the news: positive.

Although we know the road ahead won't be easy, or certain, we're grateful to get a second chance. Well, actually a fourth chance. Darien and Grace made this whole thing look and feel so easy. Now, if we can just get those babi(es) to 8-9 months inutero, we'll be looking good.

Fingers crossed. Knees bent in prayer. Here we go again.


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